The Moon of Honey by Cathy Bryant

(inspired by )

"We have come to the capital of Earth seeking the moon of honey," said Bou the alien.
"We hear that it brings great joy."
"Er - I'm the tour guide here at Haro," said Josť. "The capital? Er - "
"It says here that Haro is the wine capital of Rioja Alta," said the other alien, Kay, thrusting a brochure at Josť. "Rioja Alta - that means the highest Rioja, doesn't it? So this is a very important place."
"Indeed it is! You are very welcome, anyway," said the Spanish guide, bowing politely.
Tour guides see it all.
Josť took Bou and Kay to visit medieval villages, and introduced them to the local wineries and the best wines.
"These taste better than anything on our planet!" said Bou, sipping through three of his mouths at once.
"This is straight from my best dreams," said Kay. "But where, please, is the moon of honey? We wanted to experience this, as it seems to bring great joy."
"Well, on your planet, what do people do when they love each other very much? Here they get married and have a honeymoon."
"Is wine part of the ritual?" asked Bou.
"Yes! Very much so!"
"Then we'll do it! Kay, will you marry and honeymoon me?"
"Yes, Bou. Just let me finish this glass."
Many hours and much wine and love later, Bou and Kay sat staring at the Spanish moon, tinged with summer yellow.
"I thought it was a made-up word, but with the right partner and in the right place, the moon really does look like honey, doesn't it?" said Bou.
"Especially if you've had the right wine," Kay nodded happily, and they clasped tentacles lovingly, in the light of the honey moon.