Books (and where to buy them)

How To Win Writing Competitions - cover

How to Win Writing Competitions (and make money) explains everything I've learned in order to win many writing competitions - and also the mistakes I've made, so that you can avoid them. My success isn't down to any extraordinary talent, but to a simple, practical approach, described in the book. My tally is now 18 wins - it was 14 when the book went to press! You can find out more and all the different ways of buying it here.

In 2014 my poetry collection 'Look at All the Women' was published by the marvellous Mother's Milk Press. Mslexia called it 'wickedly funny' and it's been reviewed elsewhere very favourably. You can buy it direct from the Press, from Amazon or from any reputable bookshop.

My first book was a poetry collection, published by Puppywolf in 2010 (I later went on to co-edit their Best of Manchester Poets series). Entitled Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature, you can buy it direct from Puppywolf, from Amazon or from any reputable bookshop.